Hull Vineyard Church


Come and see what it’s all about.

God is

We believe that only in relationship with God can we truly be at peace and know our life’s purpose, living out our true potential in Him. The good news of Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection shows that God wants to be in relationship with each and every one of us, forever.

The church
is home

We believe that as a family we are to be home for our community, where we can be loved and love others well. A place to belong.

Creating a home for Hull

We believe that we are called to create rooms in this city where anyone and everyone is welcome, and can experience the love of home in Jesus.

Welcome Home

Our Culture

This is who we are. What we are known for. The outworking from the very smallest details to the biggest decisions.
It’s what people should feel and experience when they are here at home.


Our home. Our church. Our families. Our spheres. Our community. To serve one another is that sense of preference for one
another. Eager to serve each other in love.


Our hope is that Hull would be a place of peace and prosperity and that no one would be in need. We love to give generously – it’s a blessing and a privilege.


God’s vision for humanity is good. We want to honour that. A culture of honour leads to the flourishing of individuals and the wider community.


The same God who created us in his image created the cosmos. When we mirror His creativity, we glorify Him and bring our message to life.


We want to be known as the place with the most fun parties, alphas, baptisms, dedications and celebrations.


We want the spirit of excellence to show up from the tiniest detail to the very biggest. It’s in our DNA. It’s who we are. We give our best. We don’t cut corners. We love people excellently.


We want to be known as a people who are growing and not stagnant. Who are becoming more like Jesus. This requires relationship, trust and transparency. We believe God has called us to have a culture of mulitplication and growth.


We want to be known as a people who are living with a healthy life balance. We live with margin. We have good boundaries. Good rhythms. We are emotionally aware and mature. We are spiritually awake.


The good news is good news for all. No matter who you are or where you’re from, God wants to know you. Hull Vineyard is a place where you can belong.

Naturally Supernatural

God has not left us. We’ve been given the Holy Spirit who is at work in us today. The gifts and transformational power of the Holy Spirit can bring restoration to the city.

Our Staff Team

John Clarke

Senior Pastor

Joni Clarke

Senior Pastor

Josh Turner

Associate Pastor

Rachel Couper

Assistant Pastor

Irene Houghton

Office & Finance Manager

Ed Nicholson

Communications & Media Coordinator

Fiona Watson

Executive Assistant Pastor

Ben Elvy

Compassion & Operations Assistant

Claire Maxey

Growbaby Coordinator

Alison Johnson

Administration Assistant