Hull Vineyard Church


A vibrant student community passionate about following Jesus.

We’re passionate about seeing students fulfil their potential and explore their destiny. We believe that there is a God who is crazy about the world, and loves students to bits.


Jamie – Team Member

What do you love about serving with the student team?

Serving the students here has been such a rewarding experience. It has been awesome to see God work in this community and to see people responding to the invitation of Jesus! Serving has also been a great way for me to discover and use my God-given gifts and become more integrated into church life.

What kind of thing do you get up to with the student community?

We get up to all sorts, from our student focussed evening service and our frequent student gatherings to our outreach and mission, we long to ensure that all students can get a chance to hear about Jesus and be intentionally discipled in the faith.

We have a huge heart for being a family, so we love to just hang out and have fun together, anything to help people get stuck in!

Why do you think reaching students is important?

Students are at an incredibly pivotal moment in their lives, some coming from church backgrounds and longing to find Jesus for themselves and others discovering faith for the first time. Students are in a phase where they are always asking life’s big questions, questions that we love to chat about here in church and that have life-changing answers.

Many students will have moved away from their families and will be searching for a place where they can be known. It is our aim to provide a place where they can belong, which they can call their home.

What's On


We’re really excited to welcome you to Awaken our monthly student night!

A night where we can come together as a student community, spend time together, have fun, and worship the Lord.

We’ll have table tennis and games out so get ready. We can’t wait to have you with us, it’s going to be an incredible night.

See you next month!

Student Crews

Join a crew today!

Small groups of students committed to following Jesus in our world. We’ll be gathering around the Bible, worshipping together, praying for each other and living on mission together.

Step into all God has for you this year!

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Student Alpha

Got questions about Life? God? Meaning? Suffering?

Try Alpha Online.

There’s a short film and space to share your views. No strings attached. No question is off the table.

Let us know you want to be apart of our next student alpha today!

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