Hull Vineyard Church

Sunday 30th May | Women of Faith: Sarah

Today we are looking at women of faith and the story of Sarah.

Game - Possible or impossible

The object of the game is for your family to listen to statements and decide whether they are impossible or possible. Begin by having everyone stand in the middle of the room.

Take the two Post-it Notes and write an “I” on one of them (for impossible) and a “P” on the other (for possible).  For younger kids you may want to use green paper for Possible and red paper for impossible to help differentiate them simply.  Choose a good space indoors where you can hang up the Post-it Notes opposite from one another.  Continue to play by saying statements of things that are possible or impossible.

The statements can be silly or straightforward. Start off by talking about things your kids are very familiar with. For example, if they are really into cars and trucks maybe use phrases like “the truck digs up dirt.” and then “the truck ate a whole tree of apples.” If your children are into pets, try phrases like “the dog drove his car to the park.” and “the dog barked at the squirrel.”

Other example statements:

  • You can walk through the wall.
  • Your friend ate breakfast today.
  • There is a living dinosaur on the couch.
  • The school bus is full of kids.
  • The computer gave me a hug yesterday.
  • The ant crawled into the ant hill.
  • The balloon was bigger than the Statue of Liberty.
  • The cat danced across the kitchen.
  • A cow went swimming in the fountain.
  • The cup of coffee was steaming hot.
  • A family rode their bikes into town.
  • The robot ate a carrot.
  • A monkey swung from a tree.

At that the end of the game, say that whilst there are things that are impossible for us, today’s story is a reminder that NOTHING is impossible for God.


Before the story, put out some treat snacks.

Tell the children they can’t have them now but promise them they can have them later!

Sarah Laughs

You can find this story in the Bible in Genesis 18:1-15, 21:1-7


  • How many men appeared before Abraham?  (Three)
  • What did God promise Abraham?  (He and Sarah would have a son)
  • Why did Sarah laugh about God’s promise?  (Because she was very old)
  • What did the messenger say to Sarah? (‘Is anything too hard for the Lord?’)
  • What did Abraham and Sarah call their son?  (Isaac)


God came and visited Abraham with two other visitors. Talk about what your reaction would be if God came and visited you.

Abraham and Sarah had to wait a very long time for what they wanted. When have you had to wait a long time for something?  How has it felt waiting to have your treat snacks this morning? 

Why do you think God’s answer to our prayers is sometimes to wait?


Sarah laughed when she found out she was having a baby.  Do any of you know someone who is 100 years old?  Sarah was nearly as old as that!  She thought that it was impossible, as she was a very old lady.  Abraham and Sarah learned that God is faithful, that they could trust Him and that with Him, nothing is impossible!

Take time to pray for people that are having to wait a long time for something that perhaps feel that God has forgotten them.  Pray for situations that seem impossible right now.  Thank God for answers to prayer, reminding each other that He is faithful, you can trust Him and that He can do impossible things!


Nothing is Impossible