Hull Vineyard Church

Sunday 2nd May | The Story of Ruth

Today we are looking at women of faith and the story of Ruth.

Game - Do You Trust Me?

Have each of the children take turns falling into the arms of their parent. Before each child falls into your arms, ask them, “Do you trust me?” Once they have had their turn, explain to them that you were faithful in catching them and in the same way God is faithful in taking care of each of them.


You can read more of the story of Ruth in the Bible – there is book in the Old Testament all about her!

God's Story: Ruth


  • Where was Ruth from? (Moab)
  • What did Ruth decide to do when her husband died? (Stay with Naomi, his mother)
  • What did Naomi try to get Ruth to do? (Go back to her family)
  • What did Ruth say? (She wanted to stay with Naomi and be part of her family and worship her God)
  • Why was life hard for Naomi and Ruth? (They had no money or food because they didn’t have husbands or fathers to take care of them – in those days that was the man’s job)
  • What did Ruth do in Boaz’s field? (Picked up the pieces of grain dropped by the harvesters – called ‘gleaning’)
  • What did Boaz ask his workers to do? (Leave behind extra grain for Ruth to gather)
  • Why did Boaz wake up surprised one morning? (Because Ruth was sleeping at his feet)
  • What did Boaz agree to do to take care of Ruth and Naomi? (Marry Ruth)
  • Can you name two special people who were born in the same family line as Ruth? (King David and Jesus)


Why was Ruth really brave?  (Because she chose to stay with Naomi, which meant leaving her home and her family; because she asked for Boaz’s help)

How would you describe Boaz?  (Kind, because he asked his workers to leave extra grain for Ruth to glean; he agreed to marry Ruth and look after her and Naomi)

Explain that Boaz is called a ‘kinsman’ or ‘family redeemer’ because he loved Ruth so much that he chose to pay a price for Ruth so she could become his wife and part of his family.  One of the names of Jesus is ‘redeemer’ – talk about why Jesus is our redeemer.  (He chose to give His life for ours – to die for our sins)

How was God faithful to Naomi and Ruth?  (He provided for them when they had no one to look after them.  He led them to Boaz, their family redeemer)


Thank you God that you love us so much and care about every detail of our lives.  Thank you that you will provide everything we need, just as you provided for Naomi and Ruth.  Help us to trust you because you are always good and always faithful.  Amen


To the Edge

This song is all about how God is always with us and we can trust in Him


Give each child a small box to decorate. Write on each of the boxes, “God is faithful.” Then give each of the children five small pieces of paper and ask them to either write or draw five things they would like to pray for (one on each piece of paper).