Hull Vineyard Church

Sunday 11th April | Moses

Today we are looking at the story of Moses and how God used Moses to deliver the Israelites to the promised land.

Game - Simon Says

Play ‘Simon Says’ as a family.  Explain that today’s story is all about two men who did just what God said and also a man who a refused to do what God said. 


Moses and the Exodus

You can also read more of the story of Moses in the book of Exodus in the Old Testament of the Bible.


  • Where did Moses grow up?  (In Egypt, in the Palace of the Pharoah)
  • Why did Moses run away from Egypt when he grew up?  (Because he made a big mistake)
  • What did the angel of the Lord tell Moses to do?  (Go back to Egypt to free the Israelites)
  • Who went with Moses to speak to the Pharoah?  (His brother Aaron)
  • What was happening to the Israelites in Egypt?  (They were slaves – they had to work very hard doing very tough jobs without any pay)
  • What was God’s message to Pharoah?  (Let my people go)
  • Why did Pharoah refuse to do what God asked?  (Because his wise men and magicians did the same things and because his heart was hard)
  • How many plagues did God send to Egypt before Pharoah let them go?  (Ten)
  • What happened after the Israelites left?  (Pharoah changed his mind again)
  • How did the Israelites feel when they saw Pharoah and his armies come after them?  (Terrified)
  • What did God do to make a way for them?  (He parted the sea to let them cross)


Has someone ever asked you to do something that you didn’t want to do, even though you knew it was the right thing to do and that you could trust the person asking? (e.g. saying sorry to someone who has hurt you or that you have hurt, do a job that you don’t want to do etc)

Why didn’t you want to do it?  (Perhaps because it was a tough job or because you were worried or scared)

Sometimes God asks us to do things we might not feel like doing or that we find tough, such as forgiving people who have been mean to us or being kind to people who we find difficult to love.  Sometimes He asks us to do things that are really brave and courageous, like Moses and Aaron telling Pharoah what God had said, or Daniel refusing to stop praying or David being willing to stand up to Goliath.  During these times, it’s important that we remember that God loves us, that He is always good and that He promises to never leave us and to provide us with everything we need to do as He asks.


Thank you God that you love us and are always good. Thank you that you give us everything we need.  Help us to listen to your voice and to do what you say, even when it’s tough, knowing that you’re always with us.  Amen


Be Strong