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Sunday 28th February | Heroes of the Bible: David

Today we are looking at the story of David from the Bible.

Game: Bag of Stones Game

This week we have a game from DLTK’s Bible Crafts for Kids.


Do you know anyone really really tall?  How about tall enough to reach the ceiling?

Well today’s story includes someone who was a giant! 


What was David’s job? (He was a shepherd)

What had God chosen David to be when he was just a boy?  (The next King of Israel)

Who were the enemies of Israel?  (The Philistines)

How did King Saul and Israelite army feel when they saw Goliath? (Very afraid)

How did David feel when he saw Goliath?  (He wanted to fight him.  He was angry that Goliath was saying mean things about God.  He was brave, courageous)

Why did King Saul think David couldn’t win a fight against Goliath?  (He thought he was too small/he was just a boy)

Why did David think he could beat Goliath?  (Because God had helped him protect his sheep from lions and bears)

What did David use to fight Goliath?  (Five smooth stones, a shepherd’s staff and a sling)

How many stones did it take for David to defeat Goliath?  (A single stone)

Discussion and Prayer

Why do you think David won the battle?  (He trusted God.  He knew the power of God.  He knew God was with him.)

Is there anything you need to trust God for?  Remind the children that even if it’s something that seems really huge like Goliath, nothing is impossible for God!

Pray that you will trust in God’s power for all of these things.

Do you ever feel like you are up against a ‘Goliath’? (something that seems huge or impossible)

When do you find it tough to trust in God’s power?

Have you ever felt like David, looked down upon because you are young?

Spend time praying about these things.


We introduced a new song two weeks ago that talks about Daniel but it talks about David too.

Enjoy joining in again as we learn this song:

One of a Kind


You can find some great craft ideas based on the story of David here from Danielle’s Place Website.