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Sunday 14th February | Daniel

Today we are learning about a man of incredible faith called Daniel! We will see how he prayed, trusted God and how God protected him in the lion’s den.  You can find his whole story in the book written about him in the Old Testament.

Game - Sleeping Lions

Children have to lie down and be as still as possible, an adult is the Lion Tamer and tries to make the children move without touching them (telling them jokes etc). If someone moves, they’re out and become another Lion Tamer.


Daniel in the Lions Den (Saddleback Kids)


  • What do we learn about Daniel at the beginning of the story? (He was a good man who obeyed God, prayed three times a day and asked for God’s help)
  • Who did Daniel work for? (King Darius)
  • What did King Darius put Daniel in charge of?  (The entire empire)
  • How did the other court officials Daniel worked for feel about this? (Jealous, cross)
  • What three words are used to describe Daniel?  (Faithful, responsible and trustworthy)
  • What did Daniel do when he heard about the new law? (He prayed as he always did)
  • Why was the King upset?  (He liked Daniel and didn’t want him to be thrown into the lions den)
  • What happened when the King went to the Lions den early the next morning?  (Daniel was safe – God had sent an angel to shut the lions mouths)
  • How did the King feel?  (Overjoyed)

Daniel's Song

Saddleback Kids


Has there been a time when people have been unkind to you because of your faith in Jesus?

Has there been a time when someone has been mean to you when you hadn’t done anything wrong?

How did either of these things make you feel? 

What can we learn from the story of Daniel?

Spend some time praying, asking God to help you trust Him as Daniel did.  Pray for those who have been unkind to you and ask God to help you forgive them and show them His love. 

Remember in the coming days, you can talk to God whenever you want, thanking Him and asking Him to help you just like Daniel did. 


King of Me – Rend Co. Kids


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Colouring Pages

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