Hull Vineyard Church

30 for 30

Day Twentyeight


Come, Holy Spirit. That is our simple prayer as enter this devotional. Spend some time quietly inviting the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit into your day. Give Him every part of the next 24 hours and invite Him to lead and guide and re-direct and convict and empower today.


Read Matthew 27. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you. You may want to make notes, underline in your bible or journal all that God is saying.

Thought of the day

Matthew 27: 21 The governor again said to them, “Which of the two do you want me to release for you?” And they said, “Barabbas.”

On the cross, Jesus died for you and for me. Jesus died the death that we should have died, in order to give us life. Paul writes in the book of Romans that ‘the wages of sin is death’. In other words the natural consequence to sin is death.

How else could it work? God is the source of all life. Sin is the choice to walk away from Him, to place ourselves at the centre and become the god of our own life. As we do that we walk away from life. And as we move away from life, we encounter death.

Yet on the cross the penalty of death was paid for. Our sin was laid upon Jesus, the perfect sacrifice, who chose to die in our place.

A wonderful picture of this is found in the story of Barabbas in Matthew 27.

Barabbas was a bad man. He did bad things. By all accounts he deserved to be punished for his sins, and by the law, he deserved to die.

But in this moment, there was an exchange. The deserving was freed, and the underserving was punished.

The guilty Barabbas was released, and the innocent Jesus was crucified.

Who is Barabbas?

I am Barabbas. You are Barabbas. We deserved the wrath of God, the just, holy, loving punishment for sin; and yet in the beautiful exchange, Jesus took the punishment. He paid the cost. He gave his life as a ransom – to buy back humanity from the jaws of Hell and make a way for us to experience forgiveness and eternal life.

Jesus took our sin, we get his perfection. Jesus took our death, we get his life. Jesus took our disconnection, we get his relationship with the Father. Jesus took our failure, we get his righteousness.

What a glorious truth. Hallelujah!


‘Your Kingdom Come.’ Spend the next few moments praying for God’s Kingdom to come through our church. Pray for our compassion ministries and our Big Christmas Giveaway. Pray for our Food Bank, Growbaby, CMA and all the other outreach we’re doing. Pray for Alpha, for Sundays, for our online presence. In Hull as it is in Heaven!


This week tell someone about Jesus. Share about Him. Maybe on the street or over WhatsApp, or Facebook or to a neighbour. Be bold and name-drop Jesus. You never know what conversation it may start – and what encounter it may lead to…