Hull Vineyard Church

30 for 30

Day Six


Come, Holy Spirit. That is our simple prayer as we enter this devotional. Spend some time quietly inviting the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit into your day. Give Him every part of the next 24 hours and invite Him to lead and guide and re-direct and convict and empower today.


Read Matthew 6. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you. You may want to make notes, underline in your bible or journal all that God is saying.

Thought of the day

Matthew 6:33 - "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."

Worry. Our world is consumed with it. The church struggles with it. Particularly in the pandemic anxiety is rife. We worry over things in our past, we worry over life in the present, and we worry about what may happen in the future. We worry about what people think about us, about not having enough; we create fantasy scenarios that become like reality and bring us great anxiety.

Is there another way?

In Matthew 6 Jesus shows us there is a new way to human – and to be free from worry.

Three times in this passage Jesus commands us not to worry. Do not be anxious.

How is this possible?

Jesus encourages us to lift our gaze from the cause of our worry – whatever circumstance, or trial, or concern we have – and place it upon our heavenly Father.

Jesus teaches that trust is the antidote to worry.

Essentially this: we worry because we do not know how good God is.

Let me say that again – we worry because we do not know how good God is.

If we only knew how God provides, and how God restores and how God heals, and how God works, then our life would be filled a peace that surpasses all understanding and defies worldly logic.

And instead of living in a perpetual state of anxiety over what we can’t control – Jesus calls us to a life with God seeking first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.

As we release control over our lives and commit to serving a greater purpose – we resign from being the general manager of our universe and give that job back to God. He is better at it than us. When God is in charge, the Kingdom extends and peace reigns.

As we live with open hands and hearts, and partner with the Father in pursuing the Kingdom and righteousness, He’ll add everything else to us.


Today, we are going to bring before God some of the things we’re anxious about. In a quiet moment, make a list, or talk to God about what is on your heart – if anything is causing you anxiety.

Bring it before Him and give it to Him.

Cast your cares upon God, because He cares for you.


Hope is contagious. So is worry. Choose today to be a herald of hope. Ask the Lord to give you a word of knowledge of people who may be struggling with anxiety and worry. Get in touch with them and bring some hope.