Hull Vineyard Church

Sunday 11th October | The Parable of Lost Things

A Game for the Whole Family

Hide 10 silver coins in one of your rooms, and ask the children to work together to find them all.

Perhaps they can share what they find!

Story - The Parable of the Lost Coin

Story - The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Questions to talk through together

  1. Have you lost something before?  How did it feel?

  2. What did the woman do when she realised she had lost one of her silver coins?

  3. What did the Shepherd do when he lost one of his sheep?

  4. How did they both feel when they found their lost things?

  5. What did they do?

  1. How does it feel when you lose something?

  2. What do these two parables have in common? 

  3. Why do you think Jesus told these parables? 

  4. How do these stories help us understand how much God loves each one of us?


Jesus never gives up on looking for us because we mean so much to him. He has lots and lots of children but he loves each and every one!

Think about it: there are millions of people all over the world, more than we can even understand. Yet God cares about YOU as an individual and He knows how many hairs are on your head. He made you, every one of you! Because He made you, He thinks you are important and special and valuable, and He loves you. Jesus told a story about a shepherd who had a hundred sheep. He lost one of them, and went searching high and low until he found it. What’s one little lamb when there are 99 others?  The same with the lady when she lost one of her 10 coins.  She searched everywhere to find it.

Jesus wanted us to know that God cares for us in the same way.  Sometimes we might do things that are wrong. Sometimes we make mistakes, or even turn our backs on God and His love. But He will never leave us. He will always come looking for us when we feel lost.  He loved us so much that he sent Jesus to die on the cross for all the bad things we have done, so that when we say sorry and turn back to Him, we can be forgiven.  Now nothing can separate us from his love.


Thank you God that you love us so much.  Thank you that each one of us is so precious and valuable to you.  Help us to show that same love you have for us to the people around us, even when they’re not nice back.  Help us to love them as you love them.




Here’s a link to a coin rubbing craft you may want to try at home!

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