Hull Vineyard Church

Jesus is the balm // Steve Nicholson // 30.8.20
30th August 2020

Jesus is the balm // Steve Nicholson // 30.8.20


Preacher: Steve Nicholson | We are so blessed this week to have our Sunday Message brought to us by Steve Nicholson.

Steve is the Founding Pastor of the Evanston Vineyard, a large multi-cultural church in Chicago. He led the Vineyard USA’s church planting task force for over twenty years and has trained and ministered to church leaders in India, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Turkey, Lebanon, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Chile and several Central Asian countries as well.

Steve’s message today is called “Jesus Is The Balm” and looks at how Jesus is the one who can reduce pain and bring healing to our souls in the same way that a balm can bring relief and healing from a burn to our flesh.