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Part 1 of a brand new series called 'As for me.' Rooted in the book of Joshua, Senior Pastor John Clarke explores what it means to fully re-commit our lives…
Today, we're talking about the future. Join John and Joni Clarke in conversation with Josh Turner exploring what this new season looks like for our church family. Don't miss this!
We are so blessed this week to have our Sunday Message brought to us by Steve Nicholson. Steve is the Founding Pastor of the Evanston Vineyard, a large multi-cultural church…
Assistant Pastor Rachel Couper teaches us how that, it is only when we are radically transformed by Jesus that we can truly transform the world around us.
Miracles. They happened in the Bible. Lots. Do they happen today? How do we open ourselves up to the miraculous? What does it mean to live fully awake to what…
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